Fog Computing at scale

Our fog computing engine was built with simplicity at the forefront, so managing infrastructure is easy, whether your business is running one node or ten thousand.

Industry 4.0 needs Fogger today

Contextual location awareness

Industry 4.0 analysis and response to data generated by the endpoints must be much quicker than centralized clouds can offer. Application and services involve real-time interactions rather than batch processing.

Geographical distribution

Endpoints are geographically distributed, especially in industrial, critical infrastructure like Smart Grid. Resilient and secure distributed computing and storage resources are needed to fulfill requirements of mission critical applications.


Fog nodes come in different form factors, will be deployed in a wide variety of environments, and the devices they collect data from may also vary in form factor and network communication capability. It is crucial to make the Fog completely agnostic, flexible and extensible, so it can be easily and securely adjusted to any scenario.

Interplay with the Cloud

While Fog nodes provide localization, therefore enabling low latency and context awareness, the Cloud provides global centralization. Many applications require both Fog localization and Cloud globalization, particularly for analytics and Big Data.

What is Fog computing?




Tens of thousands

Smart Devices


Fog computing is a horizontal, physical, or virtual resource paradigm that resides between smart end-devices and traditional cloud or data centers. This paradigm supports vertically-isolated, latency-sensitive applications by providing ubiquitous, scalable, layered, federated, and distributed computing, storage, and network connectivity.

Mist computing is a lightweight and rudimentary form of computing power that resides at the edge of the network fabric, using microcomputers to feed into fog computing nodes. Mist layer is not viewed as a mandatory layer of fog.

Fogger is useful here and now

Industry 4.0 aims at catalyzing and improving innovation, efficiency, flexibility and security.
Fog Computing is the keystone in the bridge between modern IT and the future of OT.

Permissioned blockchain

10,000 endpoints … 10,000 points of risk! We are building security in from the beginning. Fogger leverages the concept of a permissioned, enterprise ledger. Every operation performed on Fog, like attaching new node or granting write permissions is saved on a blockchain.


Powered by a modular network stack. Fogger is free from address services, independently of node location.

Distributed storage

Dynamic allocation of storage resources with contextual location awareness. New Hypermedia protocol combined witha blockchain makes the data permanent, immutable, and easily accessible in a distributed environment.

Software deployment

Combination of industry-standard container runtime containerd, immutable storage and permissioned blockchain to remotely, securely and rapidly deploy applications and services at any Fog node.

Serverless computing

Dynamic allocation of computing resources with contextual location and latency awareness.Image propagation through immutable distributed storage, dynamic image & node architecture matchmaking.